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How expansion happened thanks to valuable suggestions, NOT feedback!

Often time feedback that comes from clients are the people who take the time to criticize what they don’t enjoy. On paper, it may seem bad, but for people looking for constructive criticism, this is amazing. However, a 1-star review is a permanent trace on your record that follows you… forever.

On the other hand, a 5 star review with some big compliments is super rewarding. Boosting customers’ trust and engagement towards your page, there are major benefits. The one downfall? It brings nothing but a “keep doing what you are doing” approach.

This is where the sweet spot comes in. A proper suggestion coming from potential or existing clients brings all the benefits of a 5-star review, the message behind the 1-star review and does not affect you at all, almost like a 3 or 4-star review.

A suggestion comes as a neutral comment, with everything to gain from, and often nothing to lose. It does not have to be implemented, but definitely for the innovative and open minded creators, a MUST have option. 

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