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It’s crazy where the mind can go when thinking about ‘creativity’. Every small detail suddenly becomes a part of a bigger image, almost like a never-ending puzzle. Picking each other’s brains to really soak up the most amount of information and use each other’s vision to paint the perfect picture.

Suggestions are not a new concept, and some of them might not be implemented, but fortunately we obtain them from the people we find are the most qualified. A large list of individuals such as artists, streamers, vloggers are constantly reaching out to their clientele to obtain their recommendations. This allows the main character to be at the center of attention and implement the voice of the suggestions. 

This does not only limit the people mentioned above, this goes way deeper with businesses and some of the biggest enterprises that constantly use their artistic employees and customers to come up with proper suggestions for their brand.

As the old saying says “two heads are better than one”, thankfully The Suggestor does not limit it to two. You can obtain suggestions from all our active daily users, leaving the creativity to the pros!

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