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Aloette Toronto

Aloette — which opened in 2017 at the corner of Queen Street and Spadina Avenue — is the Michelin recommended neighbourhood bistro as imagined by the Alo Food Group. It’s where our taste for haute cuisine meets cravings for cheeseburgers and lemon meringue pie. Aloette is open daily for dinner, lunch on Fridays, and brunch on weekends. Walk-ins are encouraged.

Miss Likklemore’s Toronto

Meet Miss Likklemore’s.

She’s Toronto’s first haute Caribbean-inspired dining house, bringing with her a culinary mash up of regional & sub regional flavours and ingredients – curiously explored through unexpected, globally infused moments.

Lao Lao Bar Toronto

We’re all about nourishing the senses, and allowing our guests to slow down, connect, revel together. We obsess over every detail and share authentic Lao hospitality and a space to experience something that is vibrant, transportive, and alive.

Gusto 101 Toronto

Gusto (pronounced Goo-sto) means tasty in Italian. Since opening our doors in 2012, Gusto 101 has been serving up modern takes on Southern Italian classics. As with Trattoria Nervosa in Yorkville, Janet Zuccarini has meshed a passion for creating memorable food with a vision for delivering soulful, transporting dining experiences.

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen Toronto

Chef Nuit Regular and her husband Jeff are celebrated for bringing the distinct flavour of Northern Thai cuisine and hospitality to Toronto and across Canada. The popularity of their restaurants (PAI Northern Thai Kitchen, Kiin, Sukhothai) all began with the opening of the humble Curry Shack in the small town of Pai, in Northern Thailand.

Damas Restaurant Montreal

Come and join us for an enchanted Syrian evening located Montreal’s chic and gastronomic heart of Outremont, on Van Horne Avenue. At Restaurant Damas, a uniquely comfortable microcosm will greet you with warm colours, velours, carved wood, and multicoloured lights.

Le Majestique Montreal

Ce qui fait du Majestique un succès est son tout ; son ambiance festive, ses produits de qualité tant en cuisine que sur la carte de vins et le fait que la maison soit ouverte tous les jours, jusqu’à 3 h du matin, avec une cuisine qui ferme à 2 h. L’équipe est fière d’offrir un produit simple, mais bien travaillé à une clientèle très fidèle.

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